If Wishes Were Kisses

My son came home irritated because they’re doing a paper over a leader in history and the kid next to him asks if he can do Jesus and is told yes.  So my kid wants to do Odin (he’s into all things norse right now) and the teacher says no - it has to be real people.  My son - genuinely confused - says “but he gets to do Jesus?”   …   ooooooooh snap.  Then his classmate tells him “you’re going to hell”  and my son’s response …::drumroll::… “so I’ve been told”

I feel like I did something right.
(he did Leif Eriksson instead)

I can’t sleep.
I have a training class in the morning and then a meeting with HR for a job as a substitute teacher.  I’ll have to be a grown up tomorrow.  
I don’t like it.

Just a friendly reminder… there’s a big world outside of tumblr.  No matter how educated, enthusiastic, and authoritative the masses here may be, nor how sweeping their consensus, they do not define or represent movements, populations, or ideologies on the whole.  
This doesn’t make them wrong - it just means they are part of a bigger picture. One you will not see if you don’t get out there and read, engage in discussions, and open yourself to other perspectives.

amazing what sticks with kids…  
the other day my son was reminiscing about the time when he was in elementary and it snowed (not common here) and when he came out of the building I pummeled him with snow balls.

I told him if I’d known that sort of thing made him so happy I’d have hurled things at him more often.  He claims that wasn’t his point, but I’m thinking I need to invest in some water balloons and “make more memories.”

“ The only obsession everyone wants: ‘love.’ People think that in falling in love they make themselves whole? The Platonic union of souls? I think otherwise. I think you’re whole before you begin. And the love fractures you. You’re whole, and then you’re cracked open. ”

—    Philip Roth, The Dying Animal  (via exoticwild)

(via stranger101danger)

In our crusades to educate, let us not forget we still have so much to learn.  There are so many types of feminists out there - and we are all on the same team.  Your version of feminism - whatever it is - is based on your education, experience, and socioeconomic status. It will necessarily be different for someone else.  You do not get to define another person’s experience just because you exceed them in number and/or power.  That shit’s the whole reason we need feminism in the first damn place.